Honest Review of HISEA Mid-Calf Barn Boots


I recently had the opportunity to try the HISEA Mid-Calf Barn Boots. It couldn’t have come at a better time. My favorite old Muck Chore Boots were cracked and repaired multiple times, were no longer waterproof and had lost their traction. They had seen their last day quite awhile ago.

I work out in my chicken coop every day and I need to have a good pair of boots that I can depend on. Could these HISEA boots that cost 2 1/2 times LESS than my Muck boots meet my expectations?

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This is my honest review of the HISEA Mid-Calf Barn Boots.


I love the look of my Hisea Mid-calf Barn Boots!

I have to say that I absolutely love the look of my chicken HISEA barn boots! As you can see by the picture above, my chickens do too!

Another thing that I like about these boots is that If I don’t want to show off my chickens on the boots, I just pull my jeans over the top of the boot.


These HISEA boots have nice handles on the sides of the boots that make pulling them on so simple.

The footbed is soft and cushiony, making them very comfortable to wear while working out in my chicken coop and doing outdoor chores.

I am an average size person and they fit perfect. They aren’t too tight and not too loose.

They are said to be 30% lighter than regular rain boots and I would have to agree. They feel much lighter than my old Muck boots.


HISEA barn boots are durable.

I have only had these boots for about 1 month now, so only time will tell me how durable they are. So far I am pleased.


HISEA barn boots have a nice grip for good traction.

I occasionally work out on hillsides and need a boot with good traction, especially when walking down dirt hills. I felt that the boots gripped the ground well and I felt comfortable and safe going down the steep hills.

Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning the HISEA boots is a breeze! I like to hose off my boots after working in my chicken coop. As you can see in the video clip, chicken poop cleans out very easily.

Because they are waterproof, I can easily hose off both the top and bottom part of the boots without water getting inside.

Should You Buy Boots from HISEA?

If you work outdoors in the rain, mud, chicken coop or garden, I would highly recommend these boots.

  • look great (many patterns to choose from)
  • fit well (love the handle grips!)
  • comfortable, with padded insole
  • very easy to clean by hosing off
  • keep my feet dry and warm
  • durability…good so far!
  • cost-2 1/2 times LESS than my other barn boots!

They come in a variety of patterns to choose from and HISEA is giving me a coupon code that I can offer to you. Just enter coupon code Chickensmama upon checkout at HISEA to receive an additional 15% off!