Raising Backyard Chickens 101


Nesting Box Herbs

  • Increases egg laying naturally.
  • Improves chicken health.
  • Deters parasites.
  • On SALE!
Dollar Store Chicken Supplies Banner

Many important chicken supplies you can actually purchase at the dollar store for a fraction of the cost! Instead, take the money you save from

Improve Your Hatch Rate

Incubating and hatching eggs is one of the most gratifying and addicting parts of chicken keeping! Nothing is more amazing in this hobby than watching

ACV Banner

Discover how using ACV benefits your chickens in a variety of different ways. Chicken owners that use Apple Cider Vinegar are providing a healthy environment

Raising Backyard Chickens Questions

Are you thinking of raising backyard chickens, but unsure because you don’t know what is really involved? If you are prepared, becoming a chicken owner

Do Silkie Chickens Make Good Family Pets

Silkie chickens are unlike any other chicken breed. They possess many unique qualities that make them an excellent pet for the entire family. Because they

Egg Color FACTS

Egg color. Have you ever wondered why chicken eggs come in different colors or if one is nutritionally better than the other? They come in

Brooder Box with Supplies

The time is finally here and you will be having some baby chicks arriving soon! Whether you ordered chicks or eggs by mail, are picking

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